Millrise Community Association Joins the Facebook Community

The MCA is pleased to announce that it has established an open group on Facebook for the discussion of issues of importance to the Millrise community. We encourage all community residents with Facebook accounts to join this group to receive updates on the golf course redevelopment, community events and to share your own opinions on what is happening in Millrise.

Millrise Community Cleanup! Spring is in the air!!! Time to clean out the clutter!!!

Saturday May 14th (9am-2pm)


It’s simple!

Just follow the steps:


  1. Clean out your closet, garage, or basement
  2. Bring all your stuff* to 14808 MILLRISE HILL SW
  3. Have some refreshments on us
  4. Buy your membership

Types of recycling available

  • Metal Recycling
  • City Trucks will take items large or small (i.e. old couches etc)
  • E-Cycle to recycle old Computers and electronics

Spring Cleanup 2011 comes with:

  • Prizes!
  • Free Hot Dogs!
  • Fun!

*Please note that HAZARDOUS WASTE (e.g. paint, chemicals, batteries, explosives, pesticides, etc.) will not be accepted and must be taken to your local Fire Department for disposal.

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Do you love cold weather and clearing snow?  Better yet, have you always wanted to drive a Zamboni? 

We're the Millrise ice crew and we maintain the ice through the winter. The good news is that we have machines to do the heavy work and the work is extremely rewarding when we see kids active and skating. We're always looking for new volunteers. In October each year we begin our fall tune-up and we generally begin making ice in late November; please plan on coming down early in the year and get acquainted with the work.

Contact Info: Fred Burrill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.