Sharp Skaters in Millrise

(Calgary, Alberta) The Millrise Community Association is pleased to announce it has recently received $1000 for the Shell Canada Community Service Fund.

“The funds have been awarded to recognize and support Marvin Popil, a Shell Canada employee.  Marvin regularly volunteers at the Millrise Community Association rink facility as a rink volunteer.  The funds will be used to purchase a skate sharpening machine,” says John Gardin, Facilities Director for the Association.

Millrise Community Association Membership at an "All Time Low"

The membership of the Millrise Community Association has hit an all time low, steadily decreasing over the years.  2007 levels were at 80 membership families out of a possible community family membership of 1945.  That's only 4%.  The average City of Calgary community memberships sits at 11%.  Since April is our membership renewel month, we need the community's help in increasing our membership levels, so that we can sustain what we do have, and consider other services that will benefit the community.

Another season of ice skating has come and gone.  A big thank you has to go out to John Gardin, the Millrise Community Association, Facilities Director and the many rink volunteers that helped out.  As most of you know, it is difficult to install and maintain outdoor ice skating facilities in Calgary, due the ever changing weather conditions.  The Ice Hockey Rink was repaved and levelled last fall and also had new boards installed.  Ice quality in both the hockey rink and the pleasure skating oval was "some of the best ice we have seen" as stated by many people that came from all over south Calgary.  Many people (young and old) enjoyed some time in the fresh outdoors to play some pickup hockey or just skate for fun on the oval.  A lot of fun was also had by the volunteers that enjoyed driving the Zamboni and conditioning the ice.  Some of the ice making team were mistaken as City of Calgary employees.  Not true, the up keep of the ice was strictly volunteer based and funded by the efforts of the Millrise Community Association.  This is where your membership dollars and the results of fund raising activities go.  As we hang up our skates for the season and get ready to enjoy the NHL play offs, thoughts and planning are going into next seasons ice making efforts.  A top quality outdoor ice skating facility that even the Calgary Flames could enjoy!

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Do you love cold weather and clearing snow?  Better yet, have you always wanted to drive a Zamboni? 

We're the Millrise ice crew and we maintain the ice through the winter. The good news is that we have machines to do the heavy work and the work is extremely rewarding when we see kids active and skating. We're always looking for new volunteers. In October each year we begin our fall tune-up and we generally begin making ice in late November; please plan on coming down early in the year and get acquainted with the work.

Contact Info: Fred Burrill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.