Spring is in the air!!!

Time to clean out the clutter!!!

Sunday April 26th (9am-2pm)14808 MILLRISE HILL SW

It’s simple!Just follow the steps:

Step 1) Clean out your closet, garage, or basement

Step 2) Bring all your stuff* to 14808 MILLRISE HILL SW

Step 3) Have some refreshments on us

Step 4) Buy your membership J

Types of recycling available

Metal RecyclingCity Trucks will take items large or small (i.e. old couches etc)E-Cycle to recycle old Computers and electronics


*Please note that HAZARDOUS WASTE (e.g. paint, chemicals, batteries, explosives,Pesticides, tires, home appliances, etc.) will not be accepted and must be taken to your local Fire Department for disposal.