Play faster this summer!

The City of Calgary’s Park n’ Play and

Stay n’ Play have a new “PLAY PASS” process

that will allow you to provide, in advance,

all the information required for your child to

participate, making it quick and simple to

as soon as you arrive.

Check out

or contact 311 after May 1, 2013 for more information.

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General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be in the fall.

Have a Great Summer!


Do you love cold weather and clearing snow?  Better yet, have you always wanted to drive a Zamboni? 

We're the Millrise ice crew and we maintain the ice through the winter. The good news is that we have machines to do the heavy work and the work is extremely rewarding when we see kids active and skating. We're always looking for new volunteers. In October each year we begin our fall tune-up and we generally begin making ice in late November; please plan on coming down early in the year and get acquainted with the work.

Contact Info: Fred Burrill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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